Sunday, March 01, 2009

Update => saimun

WOO its march!!!

and lets all hail to..

jian :D

sai mun gor gor drew something in jian sketch book during FZ tuition class back in 2008

its copyrited btw :D
see? it got signed by saimun XD
im so gonna get sued!
i risked my life to post this ok :D

btw can u see ppl falling behind saimun, wad happened?

lol wth
saimun is hiding behind the scene lol =p


saimun ftw

saimun is trying to make my post longer!!!

saimun said "SMASHHHHHH"

there's more of his drawings but i lazy to get from ppl n post -.-
he's a great teacher hehs lol.

btw...its something i drew for chinese society hmm..
u can click it for higher resolution o.O

tats it, im fine so don worry 4 me

p.s : saimun is actually sketching jianyi but not himself
so...yes, tats jianyi :D

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