Saturday, March 21, 2009

first semester holiday

its so boring.

even boring than normal school days ._.
i feel lifeless and so so dead
currently craving for a phone desperately.....
I need a phone asap but seems that no phone won my heart
or won my wallet yet -.-

btw, those messages wif a link which obviously links to a web that contained virus is back =_=
had been receiving an average of 50 of these disturbing annoying msgs for whole day long ....

after 30mins of afking, i got myself these
(i sort it out on the screen so that it proves all r virus msgs)

and wth wif blogspot nowadays -.- i cant create post but i can get into blogspot lol
(u see another pop up virus msg on bottom right, again , .==.=)

i want to go to a beach, get bashed by the sea waves and shout,
er shout wad good leh?
ya that sounds good, LOL
wad good leh.... ?
no vision on future and this feeling sarks.
pals that have d same feeling please shout wif meee
shout before the sea bash u awaaaaaaaaaayyy
noooooooooo dont bash me
noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo --.--
nth much to update actually, crapping as usual
period -.-

p.s : homeworks n spm r so gonna get me killed
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