Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Koksime! ;D

Promise me something.
Go to his friendster page and wish him Happy Bday !, kay? ;D

Yup, its Yap Kok Sime's Bday today, one of the hotty among form 4 ;)
You should know what we've been doing for half a day in 1U after seeing the pic above -.-

*okok i know i know -.- its a secret recipe cake okay -.-
The Bday Cake Said


"Happy Birthday"
"Hairy & Michelle"
"Sweet 16"

something we wrote for him ;D
in case you duno who is MICHELLE, do some research lolx.

moar pics:


Monday, November 24, 2008

English Oral Video


lol i know its lame, -.-'

We were told to make a slideshow with our voices attached to it for
our last english oral test by Mdm.Lim, mai engrish teachah.

The process of filming took approx. 2weeks and the editing takes about half a day.
Half of the scenes was taken by JuinHui's camera and LimWilson as the cameraman, thx ;)
*It's LimWilson's table btw lol :DD

My group consists of four serious persons:

Har lyn yie

Yap Jian Yi

Lee Tat Chiang

The idea of this whole thing popped into our mind when we were having our lunch @ mamak nearby school and the reason of choosing table were merely becoz we had our lunch on a table. lol

we did enjoyed the whole process of filming =x



"seriously, Jian should be a prefect =\"

lyn : "rawwwwrrrrx hell yaaa xD "

;) lol

Lyn oh lyn ;)

tc get bullied again ;)

writing script at mamak

Before i end, see what Jian have to say ^^

Finally, we hope u smiled


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Random Update #2

Finally i get my membership card o.0

TC, you cursed the wrong person =(

Jiayou, lolz

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Random Update #1

Photo and Words, that's all.


TC:" Huh? What's that? Me sucking straw?"

TC:"eh why u stalk me ah?"
Jian:" EH Nou TOUCHING ME leh EH"

TC:"Kyuuut sorryy.."

HMPH. hehs

Jian:"sorry lorhs..can u be with me again..."

Jian:"...Arrrghhh!!! why say sorry liew still shoot meeee??"

Lyn: "Huh? Why me too?"??

SaiMun : "Oie. Hey!! Pay attention leh!"

TC : "oh."

Jian : "W"

TC : "do not want teh you anymoar."

Jian: "Don't hiu mai Don't loh"

Few Mins Later..

TC : "huh...did i just heard someone cursing me?"

Poor TC



The same weather and scene where everything starts....



Holiday Outing @Desa Water Park

this post is 4 days late due to some disturbing lame stuffs.

planned to go Sunway Lagoon this Tuesday with 17 other peoples early before exam

the people who go along are jian tc lyn jiayi lihui celine meysuet koksime dickshen meyeun haohwa wilson pakson wking kahfai ngcm -.-"

we had all gathered in Kepong KTM early in the morning at 8a.m.
and took ktm to subang jaya.
In the journey to there we get to know sunway lagoon is closed on that day .....and get really disapointed =______=

The one who organise this shouldn't make such lame mistake lah kay ...-.,-

we discussed about what to do next at sunway pyramid ,
and decided to visit Desa Water Park o.0

Desa Water Park
there r alot of kids visiting there too -.-

The place havent open when we reach there so we end up waiting at the entrance =,=

Lols celine.

I've never been to Desa Water Park before
and the place start to get more n more crowded as time passes by -.-
The biggest slide there wasn't available becoz it's only open on we're reduced to only 2 slides and the shockwave =,=
We had fun spending most of our time in the shockwave and everyone is having sunburn here and there too XD
Played until 5pm plus and when we are taking a shower, there comes a heavy downpour -.-


One emo and One fell sick. Poor Jian -.-

Lynyie waiting his lover =\

It's quite a fun experience to spent time going out with a bunch of friends like this
but I was expecting something more than this
I want to go Sunway Lagoon! <,<

P.S: When I reached home and take a look on myself, I went omfg as I saw I've darken alot -.-

That's all for my first holiday outing.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Final Exam of the year

/FACEPALM *nooooooo

It's the final exam of 2008 and everyone is filled with streeeessssssss

/serious mode.exe

they activated chiong system..

....while lyn electrocuted. ><

Below is the result after several attempts in amusing them.


Yah! you definitely looks better with a smile :D


He's on the track again "XD"

Ya tats all lolz.
ahhhh im also getting more n more stress by seeing how hardworking those SPMers this year ..
ehhh how about tc?

there he is :D

To every form5 that going to take SPM out there,
and those form5 who not going to take SPM,
GOOD LUCK too!!! facepalm-ing can't solve your problem =x
but we have free roti canai for you . . ..

You may now enjoy our exclusive Colourful Rainbow Roti Canai from our head chef,YeohKengShun sifu.

"Good luck! It's colourful and I'm sure that you emos out there will like it o.0"

a closer view. *smirks*

If you r really stress on SPM......
Go hear a spm song created by a SPMer this year at >>

Lols bye.