Sunday, November 02, 2008

Trial visiting to TrueFitness with friends

Its Saturday!!
Wake up quite early but didn't really sleep well these day...
The emoness is bugging me again..zz

well, me n jian decided to bring two good friend to take for the Trial 1 week free in TrueFitness
It's all start with this smexy wallposter of Jian. =p

isn't he smexy? its like he's getting married lol
..and seduced Lyn as u can see in the pic :D


The Visiting to there consists of 4 ppl

Yap Jian Yi aKa Jennykor

Har Lyn Yie

Sleepy TC

and me with jianyi's little cute brother accompany us during the ride =)

the place looks like this >

once we reach there, the two big words that appear right in our mind is

seriously, I'm rly hungry at that moment =.= after some jumping and hopping desperately for food..

we had our lunch in an ordinary restaurant :O

and start workout after that o.o

after all of these sweatings, TC had transform from



as u can see in those pics, the place isn't packed and there r plenty empty spots lol.
LynYie and TC pretty satisfied with this gym and still presuading their parents =\
good luck ! after taking shower :D We took some ghey photos like:

this *Jian was pwetty with those on ^^


and this o.O

More group pic :

continue after this post with
CantonaKahfai and SCY Birthday BBQ party in SB basketball court
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