Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What a month

wha sien -.-

The subject that i took for tuition in PTI had reduced to only 3 subj. :D ?
which r : AddMaths, Maths(Kent ftw), Physics(Sai Mun ftw too lah)

D reason i did that bcoz im suppose to attend the dance lesson in UrbanGroove from the head of this month ...
but well, the annual dinner thingy had failed me -.-
teh studio timetable. (the one in metro prima)
*advertise advertise XD*

nv had this much bruishes b4, my sis proxor.


yah, the annual dinner dance. Spend quite a lot time on it, nv expect to be tt busy in a holiday..
well at least it went well on that day -.- its the first time i chereograph something tho..

Half done dance.. :

Final dress rehersal:

ok ...the worst thing about this month is
I start going FitnessFirst in the Curve since this month!
It suppose to be something to be happy about but it turned out to be a bad decision
Becoz the amount i went there can be counted by 1 hand


if like this i go gym nearby or go back taekwondo training better lah, waste money nia
and you know why?
exam, dance, mom events kills most of my time edi and
my parents not available to fetch me here n there
and the cost of taking teksi is simply not worth it -.-
go curve and come back = nearly rm20.
can u believe i spend over rm1 50 for teksi? -.-" thats like so ...dumb.
*rm100 can go Califonia for 1month liao -.-
*okay i admit im just too lazy to find a way to get there by bus, so wut.





btw I went back the drawing studio that i used to learn drawing last time ...
teh holy studio name ish "Space Art Studio".

its located near my sch, the corner shop of the row of shops, that row with Hobby Lane and 7-11.
the place had changed quite abit ....nv been there for 4 yrs already?
Suprisingly, the teacher still recognize me -.-
I only learn drawing at there for like 4-6monthes...
I wonder why. -.-

Guess what im doing in front of comp...
I'm holding my BIO reference book.
u ask why? its cute!! .. .. .. .. ..
okay, i am fated to PHAIL EPICLY in this final exam~

tats all..btw i wont be using my chinese blog anymore, kthxbye.

wish that u will have a nice day. a real nice one.
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