Monday, August 15, 2011

Sem 4 of Diploma In Architecture (1)

Basically the main concept of the Boomerang House are revolving around a main spirit :

No matter how far the family member leaves the home, no matter where they go and what they do, they will eventually return back to the origin point, the Home, just like the Boomerang, thus established the concept of: The Boomerang House.

The central turning point of the boomerang had been the core of the house spatial design just as the rotating point of a boomerang. It is designated as a space named "Bonding Area", where it is a convertible central space that serve to binds every wings and activities together. It serve as a place for the family and friends to increase the bonding with each other. Pre-built with a custom circular retractable roof, it is able to be either a central outdoor open roof courtyard, a cosy living area with natural skylight, or solely an activity area for the family to spend time and treasure the time to be together.

No matter where you are, some part of your mind will follow that spinning whirling winds that keep on revolve around that one single place... the place where everything begins... Your Boomerang Family Home.

A1 Portfolio of the semester :

Presentation Board:


restricted by the time given to finish up the assignment :x, I had to rush in producing both the model and the presentation board together at a same time. Having real naughty and cloudy weather all day long, I have no chance in getting some good outdoor shooting for my model, resulting having all photos in night/indoor setting. The absence of greenery, skies and clouds as the background which could have made my presentation board looks more lively, will be remain as a lacking as for now :)

[ ]
this tiny little huge gap up there are not doing his job. It is suppose to explain the model, the presentation style, concepts, stories, and every single detail part of board and drawing, hmm i shall name the area within the tiny box up there as the [Freedom Area, aka ziyoukongjian] and just leave it as a blank space up to you reader to work on your own imagination to figure it out [suoweideziyoufahui], if you do notice i said nothing in the previous post, as in you really do care, you will realize that this paragraph actually means nothing and you just wasted 3 mins of your life reading this

there are countless loops and improvement that could have be done to make it better, however what's done is done, ever since something had changed, even when the something got worked on it will not be the same as the last time anymore. We should just keep looking forward and hopefully, in the near future there will be more improvement on every aspect of my work and there will be model with better quality be uploaded here :)

below are the photos used of the previous project model
double click the photo for bigger resolution*

roof, plans, section

day and night views (from street)


south-west pool view

Bonding area



The making of the model

Structural Study Model

Last updated 4th November 2012.

Update 2nd October 2013 : The project now has a 3d model and video! Its over >>

Hopefully there is more to come for this project :)
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