Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My Christmas and New year wish

Now, right here, I'm going to make a wish and continue proceed further.

"Dear God, thanks for always listen my prayer, I appreciated for all that you had gave me, but until this moment, I still need you.

Father God, I ask for your help, I bet I wouldn't be able to live well without you, I bet I wouldn't come to this far without your help. Now I'm making a wish, a wish that comes from me to get more cookies from you and I know it'll be posible because I knew that you love me.

Oh God!! Grant me more wisdom and courage please!! I need wisdom in making correct dicisions and choices, I need wisdom in doing EVERYTHING RIGHT in a RIGHT way. I need courage so that I can face difficulty, danger without fearing anything. I knew that I'm blessed. Thanks god for always be side by side with me and never give up on me.

In the name of Jesus, Amen. "

Ah yes, Happy Merry Christmas to myself and everyone.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas and PMR result is coming..

Christmas oh christmas.. .. ..

Every tuitions had ended and I'm now waiting for the school reopen and step into my 16th years of life.

PMR result is going to be announced and I'm pretty worry about my result. But well, nothing much can be helped now =S still hoping for the best.

Okay here is the christmas tree in my house, tiny yet pretty. :D

Now wish me luck. -.-

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Exam is finishing real soon, I guess I'll be regretting after the exam for not doing the best in answering the damn'ed exam. Some subjects are too easy while some subjects are insane. Wish that i wouldn't be seeing any C on my result paper. -.-

Yeh, It's a wish i made to prove that I still having some hopes about wouldn't give my family a bad christmas present. noo, noo, noo.

positive x positive

Friday, August 31, 2007

Start of September

Its one more month to take on the PMR exam.

I still haven't fully preapare for the exam, still getting depressed over my lousy A-less result on trial exam & monthly school exam, seem like my result won't get better on PMR, wonder whether start revising now will help to improve my result in a bit or not.. will it even works?? Yeh, be positive.

Everyone in the school are starting to busy for preapare for the exam, almost everyone is stressful and tension.

Pray and wish for the best, thats what i always do and the only thing to do now. haha

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lol. I didnt edit or even access to this blog for half year xD

Exam is coming and I still feel my brain is not full enought to take on this blabuupupasblish exam. Alot things happened through out this half year, but almost all are those boring n crappish things.

Well i suppose there will be no one seeing this post , so I think I should stop type now.. -.-'

Monday, January 08, 2007

welcome to my blog -.-

just wanna say hi to all that visited this blog. =)
I had just create this blog few mins ago -.-

well ..

Blog had been created!!! ( just a few minutes b4 this -.- )

Hi all, Im Coyweng aka Caleb Ong Yan Weng from KL in Malaysia. I live in Segambut around Kepong area >.> Im 15 ages this year and i hope i will have more friends ;3