Sunday, October 14, 2012

14th October 2012

welcome :)

Started trainee life over 1 months and a week, things had been going on much better than expected. The place is full of fun, unique in taste and full of awesomeness within. The workers and staff there are very friendly, down to earth and full of passion. Almost O-T for every single day and worked in the office over the weekend for a few times, had been learning a lot of stuffs since the first day i stepped in the office. while i mean, REAL lots. Never got so excited and so motivated before. Its like finally i get to be at my desired working place/platform that I always dream for, the feeling is overwhelming and indescribably awesome.

On the other hand, the exhibition started and got some pretty positive responses from the crowds. The duration of the exhibition might be extended and the exhibit work will be featured in a monologue book by the school later.

Below are the promised model photo and some photo of my work over the architecture exhibition, pretty much sums up all of the main project that I have done in my school day. enjoy.

Finished model photo (only the front part of the model are finished tho..):
aerial view

front entrance

aerial view

side perspective

main craftmall perspective

craftmall perspective

exhibition photo:
Exhibition hall entrance view 1
Exhibition hall entrance view 2
Venue of the exhibition : Building Tun Tan Siew Sin-Ground Floor
Introboard of the exhibition
StarGate Bridge model within the center of the building foyer
site model and site analysis panels
Site model (1:500 mini models)
Top view (positioning of my mini model over the site)
My mini model over the 1:500 site model slopes
My final project 12A1 presentation board :) (ignore that un-even surface of the board...sigh)
Final project presentation board
Building model beside my presentation board
My previous groupwork analytique composition (Guggenheim Museum)
Moon kite art museum (studio 3 final project presentation board)
The signing board (2nd page of it, first page was real full)
My parents with some other friends over the exhibition
Me and my parents :)
Overview of the exhibition
Me over my corner of exhibit work :)
Still considering which path should I head and outlining my future after this 6 months of internship... would really like to travel to a couple of place... besides there are a few things which I really like to be done within this few months of internship :)

bah.. this should be really the end of my diploma, leaving this place with a few of regrets here and there..
If only time reverses, if only.

end :)