Monday, February 07, 2011

7th Feb 2011 - Wedding @ Ipoh

weather so far so good here and there
more random pictures of mine here and there
this post is pretty self-explainable here and there
journey is safe and smooth like dove with just some orange jam
here and there :)

notice that exclamation mark above me

with my younger sister

FYI, the bridegroom are my relative who is a fashion designer who are a Malaysian that is currently making a living at china while the bride is a girl from china and are pretty much awesome with that very notable celebrity star looking and china accent since when she was just introduced to us last year and pop, they got married now :)

I wish you both god-speed and life full of joy, happiness and everlasting marital bliss

Sunday, February 06, 2011

CNY 2011

will try to update more regularly.

was non-stop bainian-ing
having these long hair which hard to manage in a way and im lazy at the same time
resulting me messing and playing with my hair and camera during these rain-sunny-immediatelyrainagainx3-super sunny long journeys of bainian

Happy Chinese New Year 2011
saying like there are still reader(s) here