Thursday, October 20, 2011

20th October 2011 - Analytique composition (precedent study)

the presentation went all smooth as expected, the whole process is a hassle but undeniably a very enjoyable one for me, especially in producing those kind of drawing which inclined more towards art than technical :)

building : Guggenheim Art Museum NYC by master architect Frank Lloyd Wright
you may google up on your own for the building but i shall include some photo for reference

features: huge centralized skylight, continuous ramp, bold concrete remarkable signature FLW style, iconic building with massive continuity using spiral form


centralized massive glass dome skylight

internal space and lightning on the night

museum street view

aesthetic beauty of the continuity provided by a spiral form

Scan of the analytique composition (the promised high res ver.)

my group members

a higher resolution one coming up soon i suppose :)
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