Saturday, December 20, 2014

Building Technology 1 (ARC 3514/ARC 3512)

Project 1: Alternative Construction Solution

This is a group project whereby students will employ and demonstrate the knowledge which they have gained in Building Materials, Building Construction 1 and 2 as well as Building Structures. In this project each group is required to choose one of the group members’ previous semester’s design projects. Then each group needs to propose the alternative, more recent and complex construction systems that suit the local context, facilitated by appropriate precedent studies. Finally, a complete documentation including a report and a set of working drawings of the modified design shall be produced.

Objectives of Project
The objectives of this project are as follow:
1) To encourage analytical and critical study of the principles, practices and details of construction technology in the existing building.
2) To encourage students to explore alternative construction systems
3) To adapt and implement the alternative construction systems into the students’ design.
4) To develop the students’ skills in producing working drawings.

Working Drawing:

Project 2: Advanced Roof and Industrialized Building System

This project which consists of group and individual assessment components, predominantly relates to the topics of advanced roof construction, Industrialised Building System (IBS) as well as the embodied energy calculation. Prior to work on this project, students will be exposed with different types of advanced roof construction, IBS system and the calculation of embodied energy of different building materials in the classroom. This project consists of two parts. The first part is a group component where each group is required to conduct a case study of a building which was constructed using an advanced roof construction and IBS system, to understand the systems better. The second part is an individual component where each student has to apply the construction systems that have been studied to their own building design.

Objectives of Project
The objectives of this project are as follow:
1) To develop students’ understanding in the advanced roof and different types of IBS construction method.
2) To apply appropriate roof system and IBS construction method in their own design.
3) To demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of advanced roof and IBS construction process.
4) To develop students’ understanding in matters related to energy efficiency and ecological impact.
5) To foster good communication skills among group members through proper delegation of works and also a proper academic report.

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