Thursday, August 16, 2012

16th August 2012

Little sneak peak on coming exhibition:

More to come soon.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

2th August : Final Project Diploma in Architecture

*Note: Heavy post ahead*
Today is the presentation day for my final project, everything went pretty smooth hmm..

Once again, welcome to my gallery-of-photo-and-caption style of post regarding my final project: sarawak cultural centre, which kinda like my last piece of work wrapping up as my representative work which marks the end of my diploma in architecture over TarCollege here.

lets get it started shall we? ..

Images Gallery: (CLICK FOR CLEARER VIEW. like duh?)
Self-explained cover page
Earliest design sketch of the Iban Cultural Centre
Introduction, Masterplan
Concept board
Font and Rear Elevation
Left Elevation
Right Elevation
Structure design and some other stuffs
Perspective 1
Perspective 2
End of portfolio
The whole presentation board

Presentation scheme and style :
 To show the flaming spirit of the ibans warrior, orange and black represent the iconic impression from the mixture of the skin of orang ibans and the sarawak tattoos design while the main composition idea is to enhance and strengthen the super-perspective; soul of the iban longhouse void into the presentation drawing, as though trying to draw and absorb the audience into the world of Rich Iban Culture.

Photos of study model:
1:200 Study model : Craftmall Interior A
1:200 Study Model : Craftmall Interior B
1:200 Study Model : Close up photo

1:200 Study model : featuring folding roof
1:200 Study model : balcony open area of the craftmall
1:200 Study model (with massing model at the background)

Will be showing up more picure of the study models on the next post, revealing the full body of it. :)

Extra design-process images: 
earliest vray render of the atrium hall (2th July)
Geisel Library

If there is a need to list down one of the building which i studied and references from, this will be the building I select: The Geisel Library.

Basically the Brutalism impression, the strong boldness and striking appearance as though it is projecting outward is what i want to imply to my building design along with some concept of Truth over material and verticality in the glazing panel.

Remember how the iban warrior point that blow pipe on the audience intend to scares the audience off during the performance at sarawak cultural village? 

Thus, the aggressiveness and the hostility of the ibans are to be interpret and convey in the similar way...

Earliest Design Phase

Earliest phase of concept board for first crit (25th June)
More than 50 sheets of a4 butter paper were sacrificed in the production of this board.. 
Earliest design, plan and forms (25th June)
Earliest phase of design for 25th June Interim Crit

Under development stage for main craft mall area. (10th July)
Cultural Library sketchup Render
Unable to render in time in lumion.. Just finished placement of furniture for internal spaces (16th July)
earliest craftmall interior perspective sketchup rendering
Craftmall perspective sketchup render for 14th July Crit

Images of the A1 and A4 Portfolio:
Made a casing (with a handle!) for my presentation drawings , took me 2hrs in the early morning :)
once again trying to strengthen the concept of super-perspective of the building.

Top view to the super perspective atrium
Images as an ending to this post? :/

More post following up!
Upcoming update: Are currently planning and preparing for an coming exhibition celebrating 40th year anniversary of tarc; and my work is going to be exhibit on the foyer of TARC Admin block Tun Tan Siew Sin Building for the duration of 1 whole month for the next semester of Tarc!

will be updating more about it soon, that's all for now fellow readers :)

Update Oct 2011:

The project had been featured over the exhibition for one month.
site model and site analysis panels
Site model (1:500 mini models)
Top view (positioning of my mini model over the site)
My mini model over the 1:500 site model slopes
My final project 12A1 presentation board :) (ignore that un-even surface of the board...sigh)
Final project presentation board
Building model beside my presentation board

Finished model photo (only the front part of the model are finished tho..):
aerial view

front entrance

aerial view

side perspective

main craftmall perspective

craftmall perspective