Friday, April 24, 2009

Random Update #14 curriculum week

yah so its curriculum week and there is this choir competition lols
the teachers sure know how to schedules their activity by clashing the curriculum week with volleyball competition
"showing off" our school activities to other schools competitors perhaps?


btw erms i wonder why our class got no.1 in the choir competition ==
maybe because we r different from other classes but then ....
.. our teacher sure are good in under-table deal lols

some pics:

Final rehersal before the competition

Seniors cheering out loud supporting lol

xiuyoong n celine
fyi, the one wearing suits r our conductor n monitor

and then there goes someone announced that its the organiser bday that day
so everyone in the hall started to sing happy bday song...
which was kinda weird in a way >.>

life become more n more busy because of exams
and i hardly have time to relax
everyday when i reach home its already about 10pm lol...
everyone take care and protect yourself against the tricky weather ah !

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Chiwing B'day Celebration =)


**still havent collect all other pics of chiwing bday celebration in sch yet =\
do check back this post later ya o.0

lol guess wut?

Its this fella bday!!!
Happy Birthday dude =)

No, ur bday already passed, its chiwing bday!!
(lol no la, its tc the cake guardian ;D)


A prank bday "cake" prepared by celine

they made a T-Shirt for him
and the design u see on the shirt was drawn by chiwing himself =)

enjoying teh cake while seeing the video we made for him in bilik ketua on KitYee's Laptop

He Cried , aww =)

Teh video that made for chiwing =)
do pause at 3:595sec for jianyi wonderful kiss yah XDDDDD

P.S : Btw, I twisted my right hand thumb during the competition tho,
compare the size of thumb =.="..

P.S.P.S : can hold pen n write le but still got little pain hmm o.0 ty

Friday, April 17, 2009

Random Update #13 Last Class Photo

took my last class photo =)
So its finally form5 edi....time sure fly fasttttttttttttt
faster than the speed of rabbits and lights rayy zoom.


b4 taking pic, ppls preparing for a best shot of themself

serious mode
yongleong had the best smiles ever =)

gotcha, wengyee
spot the diff urself =)

freestyle aka ftw mode, everyone was so happy =)
lynyie n louis was XDing, haha more chances for a bunch of friends to stand tgt rows by rows taking pics like these anymore in future right? hahas people do grow up
haha 青春啊青春。。

wish everyone had a great senior year =)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Random Update #12 Volleyball Competition

wtf im sibeh dark now .. -.-

Sorry i've been busy throughout the week,
there r a few things i wanted to blog about but just plain lazy to get my hand on this -.-

My sch is the one tt mengajur this Zon Sentul Volleyball Competition
and thats mean we had more advantages over other teams since we r adapted to the places n court bside having more supporters o.0

With merely 2 weeks of self training without any teachers helping us,
we managed to get into top 8 but failed to get into semi final,
lost to SMK Jinjang with scores of 21-25 and 26-27.
aww so close to 4th places =\

everyone was nervous thruout the competition and kinda pissed off with our teacher who is in charge of our team,
but luckily the teacher cooperate wif us and our teammates synchronizes well with each other
and let those arrogant opponent team know that we could actually win o.0

Peektures time .... :)

can u see an angel wing on the sky? =)
its the sky on the day of competition,
with this wing blessing us, we might jump higher lolx

"ponteng ah, notty fella"

"no la, im only following with the
crowds of supporter/pontenger/wadevaucallit"

kahfai, our captain.

he's cute isn't him XD

Waiking saving teh balls

Yewweng, stable player =)

engtiam. who shitbreaked every opponent teams lol
let him show u his...

engtiam: "Hoho hoho! the time has come!!"

Engtiam used skill "smack"!! lolx
yah tats why every balls was set-ed to him =)

lol nice pic for me, undescrible happiness upon victory lolx

hot sun is hot

sb fight(gotcha!xiuyoong lol)

SBfiiiightttttarghsssqweqwe - -

Although we misses out a lot of class lessons and lost in the end,
we all enjoyed the days playing volleyball under the hot sun
heck, its our last year in sch ^^
which mean its our last volleyball competition we could ever had,
gotta enjoy every single bit of it =)
tats all =D

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Random Update #11 ftw airplane

fyhi, volleyball competition will be on nxt week at my own school

after 1 week of trainings under the fierce tickling sun ... face burnt to pitch black even after applying sunblock -.-

i nvr had my face this dark/black in my life ....
my appearance wasn't the main things that concerns me, but we will be taking photos like class photo for spica next week -.-
ya nxt week....
next week!!

tats mean i will nid to either
-wear a mask
-had a wig
-get a whole lot of blackmantoothpaste
-or having 3 inches thick of powder on my face -.-

i duwanna take photo wif this dark face! my face edi looks fierce n it will be even worst nxt week.. u get wad my meaning -.-
face dark me sad >.>

Random stuffs :

I shall proudly introduce the most recent official invention by the company "IceCreams",

The "FTW aircraft"!

Details :
-it's made up of 100% pure stationery tools combined with our latest new tech,
the "press-n-squeeze-the-unused-pen-parts-and-discarded-stuffs"!!

-The "FTW aircraft" stylish design and classy cutting
is just simply the best that u can ever get from a dustbin!

-The "FTW aircraft" durability and build quality
are internationally recognized and rated#1 the worst among the world!

-"IceCreams" had also been awarded the best "C.R.A.P" award for continuous 1337 years!

-After spending 10mins time in this "FTW" project, it had been finally succesfully upgraded to the version of "0.o.0_0.0"!

-New functions had been added and more features are included in this all-in-1 package!

-The "FTW aircraft" is specialized and capable in :
-cures boredness in class
-kills every single rabbits out there
-reducing the negative ions which bugging everyone
-lowered the stress level of students

besides, it provides a little more excitement in ur daily school life!
this little silly things are specially created just for you!
It cant be any more better deals out there! =)

More attached pictures of The "FTW aircraft"!

Swooooshhhhhh it's starting its engine

it can travel beyond speed of light! ZOooooooooom

Sponsered ny "Unicorn" "FASTER LX600", "G-2" and many many many uber uber uber special stuffs!

its so addictive!! Bug your friend now with this amazing n fabulous invention!
this amazing fabulous invention only has limited stock available,
what's you waiting for? pre-order nao!
Pay first or order now! or else u will regret later!
mind my word! u will regret! lol
all hail The "FTW aircraft"!
The "FTW aircraft"!

*now lets hear wad our happy satisfying customer like to say!!
QFT : "LOL!" "-.-"

Loller Roflmao Bunnykyut
IceCreams FTW-er from Lalaland.

P.S: "IceCreams" had been established for 1337 years,
continue providing sincere n friendly services to our dear customers.
currently have 0 members, 0 fans and 0 customers and still increasing!

finally =\


Saturday, April 04, 2009

Random Update #10

my skin will get even darker real soon -.-


our school won 2nd place in kawadkaki competition last wednesday which is already quite good :)
currently uploading the kawad performance videos right now (the uploading speed of BS sarks -.-)
will be having another intervency exam in 2 weeks time, god bless me -.-

Final Rehersal of our sch kawad kaki :

Female Formasi

some random stuffs :

Good luck to all NS pals =\ farewell n takecare =\

say aww and ouch to my 'collections' lol

pic-ed upon request =)

ah, finally, a spare phone for myself -.-
got back my sim card so feel free to contact me ya
tats all for the post . ._. .