Friday, April 24, 2009

Random Update #14 curriculum week

yah so its curriculum week and there is this choir competition lols
the teachers sure know how to schedules their activity by clashing the curriculum week with volleyball competition
"showing off" our school activities to other schools competitors perhaps?


btw erms i wonder why our class got no.1 in the choir competition ==
maybe because we r different from other classes but then ....
.. our teacher sure are good in under-table deal lols

some pics:

Final rehersal before the competition

Seniors cheering out loud supporting lol

xiuyoong n celine
fyi, the one wearing suits r our conductor n monitor

and then there goes someone announced that its the organiser bday that day
so everyone in the hall started to sing happy bday song...
which was kinda weird in a way >.>

life become more n more busy because of exams
and i hardly have time to relax
everyday when i reach home its already about 10pm lol...
everyone take care and protect yourself against the tricky weather ah !
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