Friday, May 01, 2009

Random Update #16 harbour day

its 1/5 and finally a public holiday for me =_=

woke up pretty early and went to gym den rushed to brem mall to tryouts d karaoke
to practise for chinese singing competition >.>
HOWEVER when haohwa reached there...he found out d karaoke closed
WTH? its teh holy public holiday and its CLOSED??

tats nt the point but ...
-.- we didnt book any other karaoke room becoz we planned to go brem mall d.. -.-

den we switch the plan to go sungei wang greenbox loh as 1U sure have alot ppl ...= =
when we reach there its 1pm+ and we were told that its full until 4:30PM.. =.=

walked to lowyat and get to knw redbox full until 5pm ... -.-

at last walked to Times and check out Neway...luckily there r rooms at 4pm ^^ ""
ended the day by sing till 7pm and squeeze ktm till 8 something.

conclusion of the post : brem mall ****** + wasted my larbourr dayy =D =D

no pic post ftw
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