Thursday, December 22, 2011

self-explained cover page


page 1 of 3 presentation board

page 2 of 3 presentation board

page 3 of 3 presentation board

internal perspective

last page


some picture taken during the day and night spent within the studio grinding for the project :

oh ya i started to wear spectacles since weeks ago,
just to cope with some minor 100+- short eyesight though
wear occasionally only

Final Result

the drawing board in relation with my body scale, 3AO board there ^

to be updated later when im free which are like never :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Tuesday, November 01, 2011

1, 11, 2011

There is no ctrl+z in life, what we can only do is to prevent ourselves from ctrl+y-ing the same mistake, thus a good decision making is of utmost importance

There are also no ctrl+n and ctrl+s in life, so we must always be fully equipped and updated with best performance engine so that wont crash, its once and for all, now or never

In cases thing goes too wrong that ending the task is seemingly
endless and are too heartbreaking to be done and to be faced, the best solutions out perhaps is to alt tab, switch off and get some real rest before restarting everything from scratch afresh

perhaps its time to lay my eye on getting a new computer? :)
ctrl+X the file, really the wise choice? is this the best you can do? are you sure?

look before you leap
what is seen might cannot be unseen anymore

Monday, October 24, 2011

24th October 2011

Ball Diver Master II TMT DLC Limited Edition
this, is what i call sexy, and its so freaking gorgeous :/

the watch on the left up there is a very handsome one indeed,
the typical deep dark killer, i rieks

recently got hooked up on this bag above that thought it will be nice to have during college time :)
but well...

what you think that are nice might not end up to be with you
and probably there are much more option that are far more superior than the previous one
bought another bag :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

20th October 2011 - Analytique composition (precedent study)

the presentation went all smooth as expected, the whole process is a hassle but undeniably a very enjoyable one for me, especially in producing those kind of drawing which inclined more towards art than technical :)

building : Guggenheim Art Museum NYC by master architect Frank Lloyd Wright
you may google up on your own for the building but i shall include some photo for reference

features: huge centralized skylight, continuous ramp, bold concrete remarkable signature FLW style, iconic building with massive continuity using spiral form


centralized massive glass dome skylight

internal space and lightning on the night

museum street view

aesthetic beauty of the continuity provided by a spiral form

Scan of the analytique composition (the promised high res ver.)

my group members

a higher resolution one coming up soon i suppose :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

15th October 2011

had been playing with shadow, black and white a lot latelymy current assignment is to produce an analytique composition of an art museum :)
i'm starting to feel as if my face have two different side, whenever you have my full face photo, try to have your palm covering half of it; you will realize that its two different faces that you will see, and i am like noticing this just by today -.-

i have a pair of eyebrow which is not in-sync in a way
where i kinda have to keep my hair style in a way
to keep the part of eyebrow of mine to be covered in a way
that i look normal.

my eye are facing the same fate either. it's like always having one bigger and one smaller, no matter in which angle i look at it, my eyelid problem perhaps? :O

and maybe the different-ness are caused by myself who are like never smile, make any facial expression during high school? while finally someone made me smiles.. the side of face i raises when i smiles will be always the left side of my face? During high school, I was in deep hope and trying hard to have my ratherhugeandmeaty
side cheek to slim down miraculously by trying to reduce my cheek muscle activities. While on the other hand, as the head of prefect in charged for the students discipline of my high school, I will have to build up an image where i look cool, handsome, and 1337 in order to trigger infinite fear from an eye contact down to the spine, which made me have no choice but to have emotionless face on me, ahcrapmuch, but apparently it is of no effect at all -.- was perhaps the core reason of why i will have this kind of asymmetrical face? :p


by the way, I am going to attend for the closing ceremony, putting a foot stop of the 14 days celebration event of world architecture day organized by PAM at Dataran Merdeka this sunday. been selected as the team leader representing my college and given a task to form a team of 3 in my college and set up an installation with UIAM on Dataran Merdeka, which eventually done in a breeze..

the "chronicle of chaos"

the images were taken from a UIAM archi student' blog
which I had teamed with through the event, which they actually contributed and finish up the big portion of the installation..

so wish me luck and hopefully everything will be continued according to plan smoothly
keep in tune of my blog, an awing analytique composition coming up soon next week :)

i do miss you.

Friday, October 14, 2011

i actually blogged over 100 posts in the past :o

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

23th august 2011

yo readers
having semester break after tomorrow ;-)
all the best and take care all

Saturday, August 20, 2011

20th august

semester "breaking" very very soon

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sem 4 of Diploma In Architecture (1)

Basically the main concept of the Boomerang House are revolving around a main spirit :

No matter how far the family member leaves the home, no matter where they go and what they do, they will eventually return back to the origin point, the Home, just like the Boomerang, thus established the concept of: The Boomerang House.

The central turning point of the boomerang had been the core of the house spatial design just as the rotating point of a boomerang. It is designated as a space named "Bonding Area", where it is a convertible central space that serve to binds every wings and activities together. It serve as a place for the family and friends to increase the bonding with each other. Pre-built with a custom circular retractable roof, it is able to be either a central outdoor open roof courtyard, a cosy living area with natural skylight, or solely an activity area for the family to spend time and treasure the time to be together.

No matter where you are, some part of your mind will follow that spinning whirling winds that keep on revolve around that one single place... the place where everything begins... Your Boomerang Family Home.

A1 Portfolio of the semester :

Presentation Board:


restricted by the time given to finish up the assignment :x, I had to rush in producing both the model and the presentation board together at a same time. Having real naughty and cloudy weather all day long, I have no chance in getting some good outdoor shooting for my model, resulting having all photos in night/indoor setting. The absence of greenery, skies and clouds as the background which could have made my presentation board looks more lively, will be remain as a lacking as for now :)

[ ]
this tiny little huge gap up there are not doing his job. It is suppose to explain the model, the presentation style, concepts, stories, and every single detail part of board and drawing, hmm i shall name the area within the tiny box up there as the [Freedom Area, aka ziyoukongjian] and just leave it as a blank space up to you reader to work on your own imagination to figure it out [suoweideziyoufahui], if you do notice i said nothing in the previous post, as in you really do care, you will realize that this paragraph actually means nothing and you just wasted 3 mins of your life reading this

there are countless loops and improvement that could have be done to make it better, however what's done is done, ever since something had changed, even when the something got worked on it will not be the same as the last time anymore. We should just keep looking forward and hopefully, in the near future there will be more improvement on every aspect of my work and there will be model with better quality be uploaded here :)

below are the photos used of the previous project model
double click the photo for bigger resolution*

roof, plans, section

day and night views (from street)


south-west pool view

Bonding area



The making of the model

Structural Study Model

Last updated 4th November 2012.

Update 2nd October 2013 : The project now has a 3d model and video! Its over >>

Hopefully there is more to come for this project :)