Friday, February 27, 2009

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The one that got tagged has to write 10 things about the person who tagged him/her:

1. a girl who like to dance
2. and like to amuse other ppl and make other ppl happy
3. pretty socialized and can connect to almost everyone's channel, talk-able
4. always put in efforts doing anything, she tried the best in everything ;)
5. won't give up easily
6. one of the most active girl in mah school
7. her mind ish well developed, have senses and wide vision
8. always laid a helping hand to those who asked for it
9. hmmm =)
10. open-minded, a happy person like her deserves an icecream :D

so i need to write 10 things about myself huh .. ? lol

1. My parents are both pastors and rev.
2. I have a cute sister who studying in same sch wif me o.0
3. I have a brother who nuts in blogging, his blog link can be seen on the rite side of the posts
4. I'm only about 173 cm tall, ouch -.-
5. Once a crazy online gamers that invests alot time and money in gaming..
6. Hv interest in arts and like to draw
7. hmm playful?
8. still single but duwanna start a relationship..yet
9. crarving despoly for a drive license now
10. wish the one that seeing this post will have a good day everyday :)

nt gonna tag anyone becoz im kind and all my friends are innocent. :D

lalala done rofl

Random Update #7

Note: Kengshun Bday song clip had been added in his bday post
>been rly busy recently chance to update blog lol

Next Sunday will be our sch sports day and we will be performing taekwondo demo as usual
the clip below is about a portion of the dance o.0


our old toilet xD
lol duno who did this but just something interesting

found this outside our sch, the place where the naicha aunty sell his tea
rofl rm750 everyday =)
nice job XD

tats all, bye

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

eww ill


Been seriously ill lately, slept more than 35hrs in 2 days,
lost 4/5KG of weights n non-stop vormiting thruout the day and night..
ya just vormit, no fever, coughing or nose running.
failed to attend to sch on today and monday ...hmph.
I do get better now but i hope that i could get 100% recovered,
gains back all my weight and back to visit gym asap...

btw, after some surfing on the net randomly,
get to know that there's a Square-Enix character goods shop show case in Japan o.O
were amazed by this life-sized Sephiroth that was installed on the floor , F5

hot rite? =x

and saw this judge Gabranth helmet which on sale with price tag of 999$

cant wait for FF7:ACC to be released on 16th April and other KH series game and 3xFF13 games to be released too =D

well do visit the links below for more pics n info ya :D
ff7acc trailer >

Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday to...Kengshun!!!

this fella bday is on 7th Feb but we celebrated for him 1 day before his bday o.O

the dirty person is a happy person, kengshun is the one on the right side :D

wished u will be happy always :)

Happy Birthday Kengshun!!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Random Update #6

More picture of our school new toilet :


We did a great job!!




= we did a great job!

its been rly bored recently -.- good luck to everyone who r taking intervency exam tmr ya

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Merentas Desa 2009

Failed lol

Happy Valentine to all btw

Monday, February 09, 2009

Lantern Festival lol

*currently having 3 blog posts starving as draft waiting for updates with more complete of pic to get posted"


first of all, Happy Chinese Valentine too !! lolz..
altho there's not much celebration on this day but
the night today at my place is so clear and no cloud can be seen,
sky is filled with stars and the moon r round and big, as usual.
full moon sure r nice..

Any guys going to any nearby river to see whether any girl throwing oranges to the river?
Any girls trying to get some luck in getting some GBR, and planning to throw oranges to river?

Don't waste your oranges and time going to the nearby river!!
Because, I will be camping beside the river, kill and steal all your oranges


So if there's any1 doing these lame thing, do inform me ya rofl ;D


Btw still, good luck to all that hope to get in GBR ya ;)