Friday, February 27, 2009

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The one that got tagged has to write 10 things about the person who tagged him/her:

1. a girl who like to dance
2. and like to amuse other ppl and make other ppl happy
3. pretty socialized and can connect to almost everyone's channel, talk-able
4. always put in efforts doing anything, she tried the best in everything ;)
5. won't give up easily
6. one of the most active girl in mah school
7. her mind ish well developed, have senses and wide vision
8. always laid a helping hand to those who asked for it
9. hmmm =)
10. open-minded, a happy person like her deserves an icecream :D

so i need to write 10 things about myself huh .. ? lol

1. My parents are both pastors and rev.
2. I have a cute sister who studying in same sch wif me o.0
3. I have a brother who nuts in blogging, his blog link can be seen on the rite side of the posts
4. I'm only about 173 cm tall, ouch -.-
5. Once a crazy online gamers that invests alot time and money in gaming..
6. Hv interest in arts and like to draw
7. hmm playful?
8. still single but duwanna start a relationship..yet
9. crarving despoly for a drive license now
10. wish the one that seeing this post will have a good day everyday :)

nt gonna tag anyone becoz im kind and all my friends are innocent. :D

lalala done rofl
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