Wednesday, February 18, 2009

eww ill


Been seriously ill lately, slept more than 35hrs in 2 days,
lost 4/5KG of weights n non-stop vormiting thruout the day and night..
ya just vormit, no fever, coughing or nose running.
failed to attend to sch on today and monday ...hmph.
I do get better now but i hope that i could get 100% recovered,
gains back all my weight and back to visit gym asap...

btw, after some surfing on the net randomly,
get to know that there's a Square-Enix character goods shop show case in Japan o.O
were amazed by this life-sized Sephiroth that was installed on the floor , F5

hot rite? =x

and saw this judge Gabranth helmet which on sale with price tag of 999$

cant wait for FF7:ACC to be released on 16th April and other KH series game and 3xFF13 games to be released too =D

well do visit the links below for more pics n info ya :D
ff7acc trailer >
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