Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12th Dec 2012

Been working a lot like mad lately. Workload have never been reduced at all since than, been staying up nights after nights with lots of weekend being spend staying in the office, in front of a monitor which been asking for me to go get some rest and the headphone with had been accompanied me on all times through high and lows.

In short pretty much when you open the eyes what you see is some white ceiling, some typing sounds across the office, have your arm raised just to know that you had only rest for 3hours. Get back home at 3am, wake up on 12. get to office at 2, get back home at 3am the next day and it just looped for days with some minor variation that you might reached office the time when everyone is leaving the office and you are going to stay in the office until the next day with stares people leaving on you that makes you wonder whether do you stinks or simply looking bad. and you wonder whether had you been transferred into the night shift crew which the responsibility had been transformed from a normal staff to a office keeper guard which guard the office throughout the long yet the boring dull night.

Put all these asides, i feel ultra grateful and happy recently as if there are some big events and turning point of life had been casting upon me, which made me feel that I'm the happiest guy or luckiest guy in the world. :)
Besides, I had learnt a lot of handy stuffs in the office, had some really good exchange of words and insight of the whole architecture world, it had been really exciting and fun experience to me, dealing with ken. Optimistic spirit at its best.

5am in the morning, there goes my little break time in the office writing this post, will be uploading more pics and write more.. after the coming 18th submission of a competition. it'd be interesting i suppose.