Sunday, March 22, 2009

Random Update #9 memories

I shall handle these with the triple icecreams "D" rules :

ya tat sound good too >.>

the following pics are what made this post random ..

this conversation is kinda cute in a way
form 4 are doing their "rocket" experiment now n i miss the old good time producing the rocket =\

mah old rocket, i dumped this rocket edi anyway

it said "swooooooooooshhhh".

these were some memorable picture that taken when testing the parachute of the rocket ..

woo so much sweet memories

An old but sweet pic =)

More random pics that i forgot to upload long long time ago =)

For jian,

lol random





For tc,

its colour fade edi =\



old pixs =))

even older

Lyn, for u :)

hahas epic pic XD

tats all bah lol

Dragonball Evilution sarks, don't waste ur money-.-

even this pic is more interesting than the movie >;)
"“It is a risk factor. It is a very big risk factor!” I went on. “I’m going to put myself on the line here and state unequivocally that anyone who tries to flush their baby down the toilet should not take that baby home.”"

"Love is a drop of honey on the blade"
someone had licked away all the honey!!!
however the sharp blade is mine lolz :D

Earth Hour-Global Vote for our Planet

Fyi, I'm not some holy fag mofos person who cared much in environmental issues
but this thing had caught my eye, hmm

does this logo looks familier to u?
it appear in newspaper, several forums
n even appear on shirts wore by ppls tt promoting this in shopping complex?
being curious wth are earth hour?

this poster pretty much self-explained hw the voting is done
its on march 28, 2009, btw
which mean exactly 6 more days.

over 1000 cities and 75 countries(swt) had already commited to this event o.O
well hope that dey r finally serious this time
n will have a better outcome than the earth hour event in 2007 -.-
however i doubt it will really change our earth or improve the current situation -_-
support and "do action" like switch off lights for 1 hr can help wut

thats change nothing and its kinda nonsencical -________-
k la k la have more faith and be more positive rite, rofl

old but cute video :D

for more information, kindly visit :

Saturday, March 21, 2009

first semester holiday

its so boring.

even boring than normal school days ._.
i feel lifeless and so so dead
currently craving for a phone desperately.....
I need a phone asap but seems that no phone won my heart
or won my wallet yet -.-

btw, those messages wif a link which obviously links to a web that contained virus is back =_=
had been receiving an average of 50 of these disturbing annoying msgs for whole day long ....

after 30mins of afking, i got myself these
(i sort it out on the screen so that it proves all r virus msgs)

and wth wif blogspot nowadays -.- i cant create post but i can get into blogspot lol
(u see another pop up virus msg on bottom right, again , .==.=)

i want to go to a beach, get bashed by the sea waves and shout,
er shout wad good leh?
ya that sounds good, LOL
wad good leh.... ?
no vision on future and this feeling sarks.
pals that have d same feeling please shout wif meee
shout before the sea bash u awaaaaaaaaaayyy
noooooooooo dont bash me
noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo --.--
nth much to update actually, crapping as usual
period -.-

p.s : homeworks n spm r so gonna get me killed

Monday, March 09, 2009

Sports Day 09

here come the delayed sport day post

i slept for less than 6 hrs ytd but still managed to wake up pretty early in the morning XD
i was excited.

My father cnt fetch me to stadium this year becoz the sch set sport day on Sunday,
my parents nt free la -.- nidda go to church... -.-
took taekwondo bus to the stadium n reached there aprox 7:30am
we taekwondo dudes chnged into our uniform once we reached there n done some streching n had some practised for the taek demo


3 slpyheads

the one that holds the sch flag o.0

taek group


we get so excited n some even feel rly nervous,
thinking that we will performs right after the marching but den we only get to know that our demo start at 10:30pm..
so those ppl that paticipated in those sports chnged back to their uniform and we taekwondo members roaming here there and end up siting out there for like 30mins exposed under teh fierce sun.

we face some audio problem as we were told that the person that in charge for the speaker went home ..but in the end it was solved n the demo was considered successful ;)

exposed under the sun over 30minsssssssss


this is cute .-.-

Lyn lyn. wif keng

lol @ the 100plus


the crowds n umbrellas


hmm, the stadium

yes, my phone was stoled.
all our phone and wallet was kept inside a bag and the bag was carried by a taek member
but den in the end only my phone was unfound
and my phone was switched off at around 12pm .. .
the noob bag carrier r so gonna repay the phone back or else im gonna skin him from hair to toe


more pics :

My sis :D KRS won in this year btw


lol cute tc

whats wif my face sia

peace to my phone


Halelujah. -.-