Monday, March 09, 2009

Sports Day 09

here come the delayed sport day post

i slept for less than 6 hrs ytd but still managed to wake up pretty early in the morning XD
i was excited.

My father cnt fetch me to stadium this year becoz the sch set sport day on Sunday,
my parents nt free la -.- nidda go to church... -.-
took taekwondo bus to the stadium n reached there aprox 7:30am
we taekwondo dudes chnged into our uniform once we reached there n done some streching n had some practised for the taek demo


3 slpyheads

the one that holds the sch flag o.0

taek group


we get so excited n some even feel rly nervous,
thinking that we will performs right after the marching but den we only get to know that our demo start at 10:30pm..
so those ppl that paticipated in those sports chnged back to their uniform and we taekwondo members roaming here there and end up siting out there for like 30mins exposed under teh fierce sun.

we face some audio problem as we were told that the person that in charge for the speaker went home ..but in the end it was solved n the demo was considered successful ;)

exposed under the sun over 30minsssssssss


this is cute .-.-

Lyn lyn. wif keng

lol @ the 100plus


the crowds n umbrellas


hmm, the stadium

yes, my phone was stoled.
all our phone and wallet was kept inside a bag and the bag was carried by a taek member
but den in the end only my phone was unfound
and my phone was switched off at around 12pm .. .
the noob bag carrier r so gonna repay the phone back or else im gonna skin him from hair to toe


more pics :

My sis :D KRS won in this year btw


lol cute tc

whats wif my face sia

peace to my phone


Halelujah. -.-

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