Saturday, March 07, 2009


Tmr will be the Sports Day of our school
and also the last time i will be going to stadium to see pals n good buddies competing each other

the nxt sport day
will be either going by bringing children go
or pei n see self children compete wif young hot blood dudes le

i recall i was like so uber hate to go sport day years ago
i hate crowds and had no interest in seeing other ppl sweats
everyone was like so young n cute back then
duno why i will be so looking forward for tmr sports day edi now lol

omfg i feel im like so old edi -.-
im aged!!! rofl

there will be no chance at all to see all familier faces doing their best on tracks
shouting cheering up their friend,
train hard and die hard while marching on the tracks seriously
anymore after tmr


lets wish upon the sky that tmr is good day. -,-

its gonna be!!
....i suppose
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