Monday, December 29, 2008

Random update #3

Woo huge red tissue paper carpet !

More hax0r numbs :

My dinner over there

gotta miss this scene

My christmas eve. Curve.

Farewell to my faithful guardian

Going for vacation until 1th Jan, hmm so...


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

This post is rly rly late and expect for a longgg post ya

Everyone had been busy preparing for new year in this christmas season, but there's still alot alot of ppl hanging out on the street, enjoying this "warming" season and spending time with those ppl that we love :D

celebrated my christmas in my church

my sis la duh

she's cute right?



my family

and then went to meet my friends to spend some time with my friends in places that surrounded by great christmas atmosphere in kl which r Berjaya Times Square and Pavilion ;)
The friends that attended this outing r :
jiayi, xiuyoong, lihooi, carmen, haohwa, kahfai, yewweng and sim.

The crowds rly filled up the hallway and the street were full of car, (me myself trapped inside a traffic jam maze and wasted almost half a hour ==')

Pairs n pairs of couple can be seen almost every corner and almost all of them were busy taking photo in front of every single christmas decoration =\ aww.. christmas sure r a great chance for couples to improve a relationship =x

well we played bowling...

lyn, this is for u

and for u too of coz, sim =)

Kahfai sensed some madness is happening as he raised his hand, (4)s pins behind fell,
without touching any ball.

Yewweng threw his greenish magical ball and it went into longkang obviously

and when he raise his hand and say "two!" , (2)s pins vanished!!

now, another (5)s pins vanished!!

Hwahua get so fustrated as he was eager to win this battle so he try to use the same trick,
treating it like some kinda glitch...

so he threw his ball ...and hit (1)s pins.

and then he raise his hand and say "Ten!" but nothing happens!
that's the wrong position!!

he went mad and BAM the floor with his uber1337 STR with "anger" on as he cant face his failure

but he realised a real man shouldn't give up easily, Then he raised both of his hand,
miraculously, 8(s) pins falls!!
He end up winning!!
He won!!
"yay!!!" he said.

This story is about a bunch of dudes having fun playing bowling and

wth ok stop crapping -.- more pic awaits :
Times Square, ur last year was better =\

Girls take 1

Group take 1

Took some pic during our way to Pavilion

Girls take 2

Boys take 1

and theres this sudden huge rain when we were just a few steps away from Pavilion!!
I'm all wet when I enter Pavilion but all thanks to kahfai for him to borrow me his new bought batman T-shirt =)

Thanks kahfai :D

Pics again :

Looks great isn't it ? (k la last year was better -.-)







More group pic

Hmm...altho I'm late to say but...

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!and a happy new year :D
wish all my friend had their wishes fulfilled and had a wonderful hols ya

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Primary School Classmate Gathering

Boo. no pic.
There was a primary school classmate gathering on 18th Nov at 1U
It's again a failure imho because only around 2/5 of my classmate attended
and almost 7/20 of ppl attended was from my school.

wad wif all teh old facesssss lol

Yea.. ppl always have rights for not attending this kind of event..
and it's absolutely not wrong for giving lame excuse, go other places, flying kites and not making just a day in 365 days to be available to at least show face and give some support..

so.. ..

next year then.


Friday, December 12, 2008

lifeless holiday again, lol

I rly hate Celcom n Xpax now -.-
Didn't update my blog for almost half a month lol

Been PT-ing in *Novadomino,
a printing company which one of my cousin is a director there..

It's located near Curve.

There r like over 30000+++ pieces that nid to be inserted lol

what I nid to do there were simple stuffs like insert things...stick stuffs..scan things. =.=
It's even more lifeless than surfing net and chiong online games -.-

Everyday morning nidda wake around 7am and when i reach home it will be nearly 12am...
The only day Im free in a week r Sunday only ._.
Free dinner and transportation r supplied and can get around Rm65 everyday.

Becoz of the utter boredness,
I'm "forced" to recommend few friends of mine to work wif me who r ..

Kahfai ;)

HaoHwa , YewWeng


Lihui -_-

Took the photo above in a van ... a van that carries 20+ ppls lol (with illegal workers)
well its free so nvm -.-
when a police car is spotted nearby, we nid to lay down to prevent being caught which result in...

...Spawns of Ghey. lol

Notice my eyes and their eyes?? yah its that tiring >.>

BTW,found some 1337 phone number like these lol ^^

Rainy season...
The yellowish water that u see in the peekture r about 0.5M deep lolx.

gtg, later 7am nid wake again -.-

God bless me..v,