Saturday, December 20, 2014

Design Studio 5 - Upcycled Fashion Market

Welcome to the Upcycled Fashion Market!

Introducing Upcycled Fashion Market-
A market which convert the street of Jalan Tun H. S. Lee into an audience stage where the lights of the catwalk within the active event plaza bounces off from the highly reflective shipping container market to across the street, to engage and further improve the economy of the area.

Ultimately it is to create an on-going upcycling fashion trend around the area to reduce the existing mass fabric wastes within the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur.

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Just finished my design studio 5, which is my second last design studio project for my degree program. The focus theme of this studio 5 is the "Place-Making for the Urban Street", with the main aim to design a "market-place" for the inhabitants of the city through various appropriate architectural solution and exploration in designing the market-place.

This project begin to introduce the key aspect urban city and it relation to architectural design and to develop awareness in the legislative requirement and behavior of urban environment and community in responds to the architectural design.

During my own exploration on this endless journey chasing after how to achieve the ultimate perfection of design, this semester is a phase where it reuse and drenched all which I've learnt from the past, demands the very peak of my discipline,creativity and push me into constantly trying out my own limit.

The project is the first ever design studio project I do which are located right to existing building that question our ability to interact, adapt and responds to the surrounding context. Most of the tutor demands are the practicality, the workability and the Normality of the building based on the program which you are asked to come out with yourself. Quality of the design for this particular design studio are not really prioritized at all in which most of the coursemates struggle to balance and decide in whether to compromise their own artistic idea to achieve practicality or the reverse which most likely leads to heavy punishment in grades during the intermediate critiques.

*which is why during this long post you will see me trying to achieve a stable and solid foundation of the design proposal for making sure the building, concept, program, works and function as perfect as possible first, then only play around with the area which could make the building unique and even better in design.

Program Proposal:
The 5 steps of a garment life cycle
Mass Fabric Waste

Quote from an Upcycling Fashion Artist :
"We’re trying to avoid most of these problems through upcycling textiles before they hit the landfill.  This method is sustainable, as the fast fashion industry produces a massive surplus of clothing for us to gather materials from (especially in the Kuala Lumpur).  Because we use recycled materials, we avoid the first 2 steps in the chart (materials, production) and the problems they cause.  When you shop with us over the fast fashion chains, you’re supporting an eco-friendly & low-impact alternative!"

The proposal of the Upcycled Fashion Market includes:
-Main central core atrium event space for catwalk and market spaces during other hours
-30 Upcycled Shipping Container Fashion Shops all around the atrium and totally open up to the street front for 30 Individual Upcycling Fashion Artist
-An exclusive classroom right beside the existing mural forming an learning interactive area for the artist to educate anyone would want to learn how to upcycle fashion.
-A dedicated working studio for the Artist to utilize at the most upper floor, which forms as the head and icon for the market.
-Cafe which have full view of the existing mural and the market/surrounding activities.

The market program objective:
-It is to solve the issue of the Kuala Lumpur having mass fabric waste.
-Allow more job opportunity and a place of working and appreciation for the Upcycling Fashion Artist.
-Introduce a on-going upcycling fashion trend around the area. Occasionally the artist could go around the churches, school and colleges to give class for the people how to upcycle and promote the awareness of being sustainable for the Earth.
-Spike creativity in fashion design and recycling industry in Malaysia.
-Educate the next generation and promote the awareness of upcycling and being sustainable within KL especially around Jalan Tun HS Lee where there are adequate colleges, primary schools, and churches around the area.
-This program proposal is to serve as a part in forming a "Positive/Healthy Educational District Node" along with all of the building( colleges, schools, churches) at the upper zone of the building for further town development.

Concept: U P - F R O N T 
Concept, design development, site/roof plan board

Design is to made to be UP-FRONT right in front of the audience and the customer. Fashion display along with the active event are to made to have direct interaction and display exposure to the street. The shipping container are cut in way where the frontal is facing the main traffic flow direction which increase the display exposure area and the efficiency of the market to the maximum.

*....imagine if you were having traffic jam right in front or around the market, one could easily venture and explore into the fashion displays zone visually to have a sense of the kind of upcycled fashion trend going on at the area...."

The market is to have the form merged with the building on the right while accommodate the activity, event and program within the limited floor area effectively and also avoid visual obstruction to the existing mural on the Left building.
Sectional concept of the floor plate form to have skybridge/ramp all around the event to accommodate the program 

Shipping container are upcycled to be used as the primary structural member for the market which provides spaces with great sense of individuality and identity for the artist. The "Up-Front" modular design of the shop designed with cutting-edge appearance with the out-of-context construction material creates an iconic market for the area where the fashion display exposure area of the shops are increased as much as possible.

Pros of using shipping container :

-Upcycle shipping container as structural component of the market.
-Ease of demolishing the market in the future. (Reduce construction material)
-Reflective surface material compliments the lighting of the active event.
-Maximum efficiency in term of shop, circulation, market area.
-Every shipping container (Individual artist shop) is to have their own air-conditioning unit (Split-unit) so the shops could have choice to either use the electricity to cool up the space (save electricity) while also allow the artist to have a clear idea how much money they spent for every unit to cool up the space.
-Suitable to be used as fashion shop. (small object trading such as clothing, accessories and etc, allow smaller loading bay suitable for the limited back valley)

Drawings of the Upcycled Fashion Market : 

Floor plans rendering concept : Floor plans are rendered using fabric textures, to be framed by shipping container lines in the board to show the kind of feeling to view fashion within a shipping container shop.

Extra info of the market floor plans:
-In case it is too hard to see in the plan, all of the shops are having roller shutter doors
-A panorama lift which opens up to the street view of Tun HS Lee and facing the pocket void on the other side.
-All the sky-bridges are facing a pocket void at the end of the walk-through to increase the walking pleasures around the market.
-Central void could be either an event space or a flea market during other time where there are no active event.
-Most of the spaces are elevated from the ground floor.
-Ramp are to be utilized as another "audience stand" area for them to view down the active event in the central atrium.
-Loading bay are designed for smaller automobile transportation since there are no big object to unload down to the market.
-Disabled-friendly market (ramp, disabled toilet)
-Total GFA, levels and spaces requirement are all abiding to the design brief.
-Drop off point beside the loading bay to have a small overhang and a designated walking pathway to serve as a proper drop-off point for the student during rain to access to the classroom right above the loading bay besides the mural painting. It also serves as a proper rear entrance, allowing the existing cross circulation from the back valley into the front street on-site with an addition of an open flea market.

Ground Floor Plan
First Floor Plan
Second Floor Plan
Third Floor Plan
Front elevation
Rear Elevation
Section X1-X1
Section Y1-Y1
Sectional Perspective
Interior Rendering 1
Interior Rendering 2

The Final Presentation Boards:
Board 1
Board 2
Board 3

Board 4
Board 5
Board 6

The whole 6 boards

On the Presentation Day:
My corner of final submission along with the study models

Full view of my corner of final project submission (with models, progress) during moderation days.

 Work in progress and mid-crit material (According to timeline):

Site Analysis (MACRO) :
Site Analysis (Macro) Board 1

Site Analysis (Macro) Board 2

Site Analysis (Macro) Board 3

Site Analysis (Macro) Board 4

Site Analysis (Macro) Board 5

Site Analysis (Macro) Board 6

Site Analysis (MICRO) :
Site Analysis (Micro) Board 1

Site Analysis (Micro) Board 2

Study model of some of my earliest design proposal I did before the interim 1:

playing around with space arrangement, logics, senses

very form driven, search for direction

Experimental study model I did that directly/indirectly decides the facade form of my final design proposal:
Playing with different arrangement of facade with the most efficient angle which will increase the display exposure area for the artist

Interim 1 Presentation:

Perspective impression for the market for interim 1

Some rushed out concept design development and tectonic study fot the upcycle market, usage of shipping container pretty much decided at this stage.

Taadaa, board 1 of interim 1

Front elevation and some idea of the mural integration on the left

Ground Floor Plan (Red words are the comment from the tutor)
First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Third Floor Plan

Roof Plan

Section A-A
As seen in this stage of design there are a roof garden and a vertical green ramp all around the central void. All the servicing spaces are at the center to service spaces on the both side.

It was all removed and changed at the later stage of the design.

 Interim 2 Presentation:
After some midterm heavy submission of other courses along with the PAM booth competition at One Utama, not much changes were apply for the project, mainly were to translate the design from manual into digital. Interim 2 is 2 weeks after Interim 1.
Front Elevation (photoshopped)

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Third Floor Plan

Roof Floor Plan

Schematic Facade Edge Section

3D perspective, visualizing the project

After interim 2, despite getting good feedback of the project, this is the stage where I question the tutor should i finalize the design and go full production, or continue designing. Going full production mode ensure to have an even higher production quality drawings at the end of the day, though deep in my heart i feel that there should be more design element for the project and there is definitely much more space of improvement that could be done for the market.

After several days spent thinking whether should I simply progress into production with the current state of the design, or should I put a halt or postpone my production stage and further develop the design. The decision of what should I do would be very obvious if you were someone who understood me so.. :D

So what shown below would be the progress result of the development:

Material shown during the intermediate tutorials:
Iso drawing showing the design development from an stand-alone shipping container to the Upcycled Fashion Market.

Some facade option that i considered during the design development stage which further discussed with my tutor:

the different one on the right are the working design studio, put it that way to increase the "Head" feeling for the market while also provide more shades to the spaces right beside the edges where normal fashion shops wouldn't need. (As the normal fashion shop are having fashion display right at the edges, not human.)

Iso of the market showing the "tier floor plate design where the floor plate decreases as it goes higher and higher, to allow painting viewing on the left, and merge with the building on the right, allowing and creating an indoor active event stage right at the axis of jalan tun h s lee. Sky-bridge are to be designed in a way able to view painting on one side, and the event/atrium on the other.

Pers without roof

Pers with roof (previous fabric roof design)

Schematic Sectional Perspective

Central catwalk perspective

The very last week before the presentation :
refining the street relationship of the market with the immediate neighborhood facade.

Street impact

Modified shipping container for the upcycled fashion market

Entrance (axis) view to the upcycled fashion market

Final roof design - The kind of roof that I always wanted for the project where it;

-Provide an impression of water waves flowing/pouring down from the building on the right slowly to the left where it eventually meets the mural painting "water level", to give that kind of artistic scenic impression where there are these cute shipping containers floating projecting out of the sea water waves pouring towards the painting "Kampungku" in which the market not only upcycling fashion fabrics but also upcycling the painting on the wall, integrating it as a part of the roof to create a kind of visual icon for the area, especially notable for those who view the 12m high building roof from other taller platform/buildings. These are the design though process and schematic concept behind the roof design, with a lot more space for improvement if there is any future design development, if there is any >.>

Study model of the "shipping container up-front facade"

I am going to continue my internship back at T. R. Hamzah & Yeang from 5th January 2015 until 5th March 2015. Am very looking forward for the final design studio of my degree year after the internship.

As usual, ending the post with the clean pre-photoshop original render of the upcycled market. I hope you enjoy the upcycled fashion market project as much as I do. Till then, thanks for viewing. :)

a paler street perspective rendering

The final street perspective rendering

The additive item to be blended and merged with the base rendering.
Building + context

and finally, the base rendering :)