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Theories of Architecture and Urbanism (ARC2224)

Theories of Architecture and Urbanism

Main subject of studies in this module is the thematic inquiry into broader architectural theories from different philosophical school of thought, period or era, and different exposure of cultural and social condition from diferent places.
Different theories included :
Post Structuralis


Architecture Reading and Synopsis
From the study of these theories, is to have basis of understanding to analyse and examine specific cases and issues in modern architecture. This module include reading and in-depth analytical research paper on specific topic and theories, also analysis and generation of own theories from real life interview of modern days architect based on their work and philosophical thinking.
Synopsis 1 
Synopsis 2 
Synopsis 3 
Synopsis 4

Project : Theorizing Architecture
" What is one doing when one is doing architecture ? " - Simon Unwin
Through this project , it is to convey an understanding of architect' architectural theory through a direct observation or interview and analysis of his/her building. As the meaning behind real arhcitecture world is not from its form, but rather from the display of the internal logic behind it that has the capacity to convey meaning. Through the analytical illustration and essay to reveal the conceptual and experiental order of the architecture, it is hoped that better learning can be achieved through studying the work of others.

Part 1 : Analyzing Self

Biodata of the Architect

Click here for the essay of the General Info of the Architect

Part 2 - Analyzing and Theorizing Architecture
Part is focusing on analyzing the work of the architect and concluding the theories from external condition consideration in relation to the architect's self in the creation of the building.

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