Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Random Update #20

today is the day 520 hmm ..

not in mood to update my blog =.=
been having headache up until now for the whole exam week and spawned 2 new pimples lols

my eye bags r more n more revealing too, nooo -.-

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Random Update #19 Exam week

Random stuffs :

Chinese society celebrating teachers day

there r balloons on top of the pillar(!!)


drama, lol

the teachers are actually suprised by seeing the cake the teacher prepared for themself..

Kekeke koksime.

Spot the bag

Count the shoes

Spot the teksi! (the arrow on the road is a lie)

ouch ==

hohoho celine x)

Ahkent's aura

and long banana's aura on it's tip

Latihan Kebakaran




Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekee's and Yewweng's Birthday BBQ Party ;D

Let's all start with..

Paksheng with his sashimi

and teh holy almighty pwnxor chicken wing

this post is 10 days late
there is this BBQ party to celebrate two birth stars(actually 3) on 8/5/09 and
the birthday star of the day are

LWK wif 6x"e"s , LeeWeeKee

and Yewweng

The location of this party is at the garden right in front of weekee house.
we reached there as early as 6am+ and set up the stuffs and tools for the party
while the sky becomes darker n darker, more n more ppl show up
some ppl enjoyed bbqing while some stay in weekee's home camping in front of tv
basically we did nothing else than chatting, bbq and playing some mini games :D

altho some ppl left earlier but we still managed to stay up till 12am for the cake cutting ceremony
den we stay outside at the garden and chat until 3am n when the time i reached home its already 4am+
It's a great party and i hope there will be another one in future =)
tats all, short huh ^^

Picture time~

Engtiam Setting up the fire

The food

kahfai wif jowin's present to weekee :D

Cheekeong and YanZheng

Engtiam feeding CK

Haohwa pull out a line from fishhh throattt

Haohwa : "Rawrrs."

Beckham and his gf, Carmen

Wilson =)

Juinhui :)

jiayuu with his signature facial expression

Jian wif his fearful stare


giant jiayu fish




Sunday, May 10, 2009

Temp. update

another jian post

Jianyi says:
i just killed.

Jianyi says:
2 mosquitoes

Jianyi says:

Jianyi says:
whack one half of its body gone

Jianyi says:
throw it on floor

Jianyi says:
i tot dead

Jianyi says:
den i watch back

Jianyi says:

Jianyi says:

Jianyi says:
almighty bottle smashed it

Jianyi says:
-.- second one coming for revenge

Jianyi says:
bt to no avail

Jianyi says:
i fake sleep n it come to assail me

Jianyi says:

Jianyi says:
den i just slap it

Jianyi says:
instant ko

Jianyi says:

Jianyi says:
n throw it on the floor

Jianyi says:
i thinmk they r papa n mama~

Coyweng says:

Jianyi says:
so i let them die the same way -.l-

Jianyi says:
ok enuf crap

Jianyi says:

Coyweng says:

jianyi is stressed XD

Friday, May 08, 2009

Random Update #18 toilet again

another small update w/ some pics

the toilet went fail
they do like fail

now they installed this golden tap water and went double fail =.=

guoling cleaning up the prefect room

and tjf drolling over a height enhanced huge icekacang ^^

going to attend a birthday party later, more posts coming =)

Thursday, May 07, 2009


3, 2, 1


arranging the positions while waiting for the teacher under the hot sun

the teacher had meeting and we could only get our pic done at 1pm++

=.=.= tats all .. .