Thursday, April 09, 2009

Random Update #11 ftw airplane

fyhi, volleyball competition will be on nxt week at my own school

after 1 week of trainings under the fierce tickling sun ... face burnt to pitch black even after applying sunblock -.-

i nvr had my face this dark/black in my life ....
my appearance wasn't the main things that concerns me, but we will be taking photos like class photo for spica next week -.-
ya nxt week....
next week!!

tats mean i will nid to either
-wear a mask
-had a wig
-get a whole lot of blackmantoothpaste
-or having 3 inches thick of powder on my face -.-

i duwanna take photo wif this dark face! my face edi looks fierce n it will be even worst nxt week.. u get wad my meaning -.-
face dark me sad >.>

Random stuffs :

I shall proudly introduce the most recent official invention by the company "IceCreams",

The "FTW aircraft"!

Details :
-it's made up of 100% pure stationery tools combined with our latest new tech,
the "press-n-squeeze-the-unused-pen-parts-and-discarded-stuffs"!!

-The "FTW aircraft" stylish design and classy cutting
is just simply the best that u can ever get from a dustbin!

-The "FTW aircraft" durability and build quality
are internationally recognized and rated#1 the worst among the world!

-"IceCreams" had also been awarded the best "C.R.A.P" award for continuous 1337 years!

-After spending 10mins time in this "FTW" project, it had been finally succesfully upgraded to the version of "0.o.0_0.0"!

-New functions had been added and more features are included in this all-in-1 package!

-The "FTW aircraft" is specialized and capable in :
-cures boredness in class
-kills every single rabbits out there
-reducing the negative ions which bugging everyone
-lowered the stress level of students

besides, it provides a little more excitement in ur daily school life!
this little silly things are specially created just for you!
It cant be any more better deals out there! =)

More attached pictures of The "FTW aircraft"!

Swooooshhhhhh it's starting its engine

it can travel beyond speed of light! ZOooooooooom

Sponsered ny "Unicorn" "FASTER LX600", "G-2" and many many many uber uber uber special stuffs!

its so addictive!! Bug your friend now with this amazing n fabulous invention!
this amazing fabulous invention only has limited stock available,
what's you waiting for? pre-order nao!
Pay first or order now! or else u will regret later!
mind my word! u will regret! lol
all hail The "FTW aircraft"!
The "FTW aircraft"!

*now lets hear wad our happy satisfying customer like to say!!
QFT : "LOL!" "-.-"

Loller Roflmao Bunnykyut
IceCreams FTW-er from Lalaland.

P.S: "IceCreams" had been established for 1337 years,
continue providing sincere n friendly services to our dear customers.
currently have 0 members, 0 fans and 0 customers and still increasing!

finally =\

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