Sunday, November 02, 2008

Happy Birthday to CantonaKahfai and SCY !!

I duno wth happened on me but alot of my pic tat i take just tend to be blurred -.-

It was KahFai and SCY birthday BBQ celebration party at SB basketball court yesterday.
We went gym for noon and Jianyi's mom fetch us to SB basketball court,
but i had to bring 4 big bottles of water from my house to there cos im in charge for supplying the water =\

There r pasar malam that day and guess what?

Meyeun is spotted for helping her father sell fruit lolx =)

The Food

The Drinks (im not the one that preapare this greenish thing-.-)

The BBQ party starts wif WaiKing flaming up the charcoal ;)

and the BBQ process comes next of coz =D

It tastes not bad larhx^^

see how happy kahfai was ;D

We've been fooling around the parking doing things like...



After all of the chattings and fooling around, its time to sing bday song of coz XD

more pics:

=) i did smile, okay? =)

Lastly ,

Happy birthday!! =))))

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