Saturday, November 15, 2008

Holiday Outing @Desa Water Park

this post is 4 days late due to some disturbing lame stuffs.

planned to go Sunway Lagoon this Tuesday with 17 other peoples early before exam

the people who go along are jian tc lyn jiayi lihui celine meysuet koksime dickshen meyeun haohwa wilson pakson wking kahfai ngcm -.-"

we had all gathered in Kepong KTM early in the morning at 8a.m.
and took ktm to subang jaya.
In the journey to there we get to know sunway lagoon is closed on that day .....and get really disapointed =______=

The one who organise this shouldn't make such lame mistake lah kay ...-.,-

we discussed about what to do next at sunway pyramid ,
and decided to visit Desa Water Park o.0

Desa Water Park
there r alot of kids visiting there too -.-

The place havent open when we reach there so we end up waiting at the entrance =,=

Lols celine.

I've never been to Desa Water Park before
and the place start to get more n more crowded as time passes by -.-
The biggest slide there wasn't available becoz it's only open on we're reduced to only 2 slides and the shockwave =,=
We had fun spending most of our time in the shockwave and everyone is having sunburn here and there too XD
Played until 5pm plus and when we are taking a shower, there comes a heavy downpour -.-


One emo and One fell sick. Poor Jian -.-

Lynyie waiting his lover =\

It's quite a fun experience to spent time going out with a bunch of friends like this
but I was expecting something more than this
I want to go Sunway Lagoon! <,<

P.S: When I reached home and take a look on myself, I went omfg as I saw I've darken alot -.-

That's all for my first holiday outing.

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