Monday, November 24, 2008

English Oral Video


lol i know its lame, -.-'

We were told to make a slideshow with our voices attached to it for
our last english oral test by Mdm.Lim, mai engrish teachah.

The process of filming took approx. 2weeks and the editing takes about half a day.
Half of the scenes was taken by JuinHui's camera and LimWilson as the cameraman, thx ;)
*It's LimWilson's table btw lol :DD

My group consists of four serious persons:

Har lyn yie

Yap Jian Yi

Lee Tat Chiang

The idea of this whole thing popped into our mind when we were having our lunch @ mamak nearby school and the reason of choosing table were merely becoz we had our lunch on a table. lol

we did enjoyed the whole process of filming =x



"seriously, Jian should be a prefect =\"

lyn : "rawwwwrrrrx hell yaaa xD "

;) lol

Lyn oh lyn ;)

tc get bullied again ;)

writing script at mamak

Before i end, see what Jian have to say ^^

Finally, we hope u smiled


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