Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Final Exam of the year

/FACEPALM *nooooooo

It's the final exam of 2008 and everyone is filled with streeeessssssss

/serious mode.exe

they activated chiong system..

....while lyn electrocuted. ><

Below is the result after several attempts in amusing them.


Yah! you definitely looks better with a smile :D


He's on the track again "XD"

Ya tats all lolz.
ahhhh im also getting more n more stress by seeing how hardworking those SPMers this year ..
ehhh how about tc?

there he is :D

To every form5 that going to take SPM out there,
and those form5 who not going to take SPM,
GOOD LUCK too!!! facepalm-ing can't solve your problem =x
but we have free roti canai for you . . ..

You may now enjoy our exclusive Colourful Rainbow Roti Canai from our head chef,YeohKengShun sifu.

"Good luck! It's colourful and I'm sure that you emos out there will like it o.0"

a closer view. *smirks*

If you r really stress on SPM......
Go hear a spm song created by a SPMer this year at >>

Lols bye.

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