Sunday, January 18, 2009

Short Update#1

-Joined bola tampak, taekwondo and chinese society.

-Timetable renewed and finally we can have any kind of seats and tables arrangement

caption-> bags:"yay!"

-CNY nite fest will be this thursday, hmph.. -.-

-Sport Day is coming real soon on 8th March.

-Not much time left ..nidda visit the gym more -.-

-Alot ppl fall in sick lately due to the randomness of weather =(

-Bought my new year clothes already :)

-Church is setting up CNY decoration now

-Almost finish cleaning up whole house for CNY (70 %)

-The Pine tree outside my house had a haircut and successfully slim-ed down.


Hairs and Fats

Taadaaa, with a big big big round moon

-4 main toilets had been 'upgraded'.
Our school happen to have ppl who think that spending money on tile-ing 4 main toilet on ground floor
would help to increase the chance to win the 3K thingy o.O

New look ? -.-


Bonus pic!
notice the different in the toilet? Its blue wall for other toilet.

so ..hmm here comes a question.
why they use pink colour to tile our manly macho male toilet?!?!!?
This is madness!

post end. . -.-"
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