Friday, January 09, 2009

Teh first week of school reopen

was just like wad i expected,
everything was totally a mess in the morning ceremony
and our new head disciplin teacher didnt do her job well..
well, good thing for student and bad for us prefects. geeez.

We had whole new table for our class ...and alot classes had their blackboard upgraded into whiteboard,
which r ...awesome.
Besides, An arguement against our classteacher regarding our seats arrangement had been a hot issue among us
and spreaded around schools nearby my state.
well, no comment =\ even the head prefect show some anger n disrespect torwards the classteacher...-.-

Altho the ceremony had added alot of brown,gold and red colour inside and alot students face was covered by hairs,
the morning section students this year r quite obedient imo, there r not much arrogant students out there,
everything was under control but i cant say that would be the same in the future =)

New teks book had been distributed, tuitions and classes are also start to teach already
Didnt expect the first week of my sch reopen will be that busy,
Tons of homeworks r starting to flow into my bag and stresses r filling up my mind slowly
but still, the school seems to be lack of something very important and its like nothing interesting anymore ..

last time go sch its interesting to see what those older peeps will do
but now, its US the one that being look up upon
Being a senior can be good and bad ...well, gonna enjoy our senior year too yeah :D

I'm really really looking forward for CNY n Mooncake Fest,
those events like singing competiton and Sports Day will be something interesting to us also =\

That's all, I hope everything will be going well in my last year in SMKSB
all the best to every form5 mates!
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