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Thinking Architecture (ARC60603/ARC2323)

Thinking Architecture (ARC60603/ARC2323)
Module Synopsis
This is a reading/looking/listening/thinking module aimed at raising a student’s consciousness to direct processes to analyse underlying premises, form general philosophical attitudes and promote experience in design which are consistent with basic worldviews and personal values.

Module Teaching Objectives
The teaching objectives of the module are:
1. To explore interdisciplinary modes of thinking that can contribute to a greater awareness of Design.
2. To encourage cross-fertilisation of inclinations that can elucidate implications of general philosophical
attitudes towards Architecture.
3. To engage students in a transformative learning process that will lead to a structural shift in the basic
premises of thoughts, feelings and actions.

Module Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of the module, students will be able to:
1. Identify one’s values and ways of looking at the world to form “calm and considered solutions”.
2. Utilise a wider range of design influences in architectural theory.
3. State specific self-capacities to encourage a lifestyle and pattern of lifelong learning that will enable a
continuous growth of creative problem-solving capabilities.
Download link of my Thinking Sheets:
Think Sheet 3
Think Sheet 4
Think Sheet 5
Think Sheet 6
Think Sheet 7
Think Sheet 8
Think Sheet 9
Think Sheet 10

Link to my PVS : 

The Final Project :
Summarised PVS from Mr.Tony, which to be convey through a personal dwelling

I've chosen a imaginary site where My dwelling will be sitting right on top of a hill, overlooking a busy city square below. Therefore there is these fins design where I could be stalking people in the city without them knowing ;) k just joking

Rooftop poetic self indulgence area

Description = An attempt to dissolve all of the conventional architecture elements such as column, beam, walls and ceiling into one whole, a little more organic and nature-like and also a representative of a kind of personal spiritual faith.

A place to embrace the nature surrounding (feels the air, sun, views, winds while having own little space) and also rethink about architecture by looking downhill towards the city square.
I come out with this section diagram where there is these fins structure that protect the home and provide a 24/7 sunshading for the internal area while provide maximum opening for the good Views, adequate light and air ventilations. The Rooftop will be the main personal area for self indulgence and to include no fence as there are swimming pool below all around the ground floor slab, while serve as a Total Cooling System too. 

All in all main idea is to present a really eco-green design, having an iconic form to leave a heavier impression to people, while contribute in beautify the skyline of the urban with the building sitting on top of a hill, overlooking a busy city square. 

The plans of the dwelling. Square is an indicative of 10m x 10m, according to the project brief.

The elevation -
with iconic sphere outline and very open while viewing on the side elevation.

Side View of the project

Entrance view of the project


If there is a name for this project, it would be "World View"
Welcome to my world view :)

I am grateful that I've taken this module and I've learnt way too much within this module. Hopefully my ability in write up has improve and I enjoyed throughout this great adventure thinking deep into the endless field of architecture. Definitely recommend this to anyone who curious of what elective module to take and wanted to sharpen your thinking ability and have a chance in reading more about architecture.

Thanks for viewing :)

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