Friday, December 20, 2013

Portfolio for ARC 2413 Building Science 1

Following are the board for the subject ARC 2413 Building Science 1.
Throughout this module, I've learnt how to respond to climatic condition through design measure, while also given the chance to use those green elements which I always wanted to have for my design studio.

Board for project 1 (Group Project)

Board 1 for Project 2 : Intergration with Studio (Individual)
Board 2 
The Full Board
The board for project integration with studio are done prior 2 weeks before the final submission for the design studio, so it might looks a little bit different but the overall green concept are still the same.

Am happy to be able to dish out and integrate so much of the green element into the final individual design project for design studio, hope to learn more in the future about green design, passive cooling design and more.

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