Saturday, September 28, 2013

Design Studio 3 - Journey of 5 Senses

Finally has chance to be in a design studio course again like after a whole year of hiatus. (and of course hiatus for the blog too..)   :)

I am currently in Semester 3 of Bachelor of Architecture (hons) at Taylor right now, and this is one of the small tiny project which is done to study and create a space which are not solely after aesthetic but also to create an ultimate experience for the user to go through a journey of five senses.

Basically the students are divided and to be work in a group of five, and were given a chance to select a poem out of 8 and create a space which convey the poem most.

The following are the poem being selected :
A bed of Clouds by Ashley L. May

A Bed Of Clouds

© Ashley L. May
I sleep in the clouds, dream in the sky,
I'll keep dreaming as life passes me by,
I think my dreams keep me sane,
I dream of happiness, a life without pain,
some people say I'm stuck in this place,
and I'll never go anywhere,
but in my dreams I've already been there,
I know some day I'll have to wake up,
but I feel the real world is more like a nightmare,
I'm safe in my closed eye wonderland,
this poem goes to all the dreamers that understand,
no matter what they say...
keep your dreams but don't dream your life away.

Presentation material : 
Board 1 of  3, Main perspective, poem, concept, main section.

Board 2 of 3, Site plan, summary of plan, circulation iso

Elevations and the "submerged" study model and perspective 

all 3 boards all together


The concept is very simple. What is suppose to be vertical aren't vertical anymore. You are currently within a space which is seemingly slanted and feels as though as an alternate dimension; the mixed up state between a dream and reality. It is to create an exciting walking adventure within the 10m x 10m structure to explore and see things in different perspective dynamically.

The main idea is when you're walking in a horizontal line, the feeling of it is as though you are walking up to another level higher. Let it be your dream or your goal, but you're progressing towards it, on a different way which is unreal yet engaging.

Column penetrating the roof, "going into the sky, into your dream."
The material on the bottom of the roof panel are to be fully installed with mirror, so the already confusing state of dimension are to be more enhanced with the ceiling and the overall feeling of "going into the sky" got further enhanced.

The ceiling are expected to reflect some of the sky too as it is slanted towards the open sky.

That total submerged and disconnected space.

Entrance perspective on a ground parallel view.

The submerged building

Experienced and learnt much throughout this project. It was really really fun. Hopefully there are more updates coming up soon and more interesting design will be presented here. Next time viewers :)

*going to visit penang for the final project of the semester from tomorrow to monday, will update about it if i feels so. :D

*as an extra information, the whole production duration of this project only takes 4 days. (from scratch to 3d modeling, all the rendering, photoshopping and study model.) 

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